Data Recovery

It happens. A computer dies. But your data, documents and pictures are on that computer and you need them back. What to do?

Or a computer gets messed up so badly, software wise, that you cannot start it. Software repairs don't work. What to do?

The answer is simple, Get the computer to us. Most of the time the hard drive is OK, it has issues but is not physically broken. We can pull the drive and extract the data. Then, if you wish, we can look at repairing the system or assist in getting a new on.


Emergency Network Support

The computers are working but they won't talk to each other. You cannot get to the internet. You cannot print to network printers.

Your network is down.

Call us, we can help get it back up and running quickly.

Firewall Configuration and Evaluation

You have Firewall (hopefully). The question is, is it setup correctly? Does it block out bad actors from your network?

Does it maximise the flow of data of the types that you need to work with? Such as video conferences?

Is is the right one for you?

This is the first line of defense for your network and the safety of your data. Make sure that it is the right one and that it is setup correctly.

Computer Virus Removal

There are so many ways for viruses and malware to get to a computer, it will happen some day to all of us. The trick to be prepared.

You can setup software on your computer that can keep any real damage to being done. That is what we recommend. However, if you got caught with a malware or virus attack, there are things you can to to minimise the damage.

First, turn off the computer. NOW! if it won't shut down, pull the plug. Really. Stop if from doing more damage.

Then get it to us or your favorite Tech Shop. Tell them what you saw and leave it in their hands. We have software that is made to save things when this happens.

Sensitive Data Destruction

For those in industries that require data control (Such as Medicine) this is essential.

We have special software that will do a special kind of software cleaning to various standards from DOD to HIPAA. It even generates the required documentation that the data is gone and not recoverable.

Sometimes people just want to make sure that what is on that computer is truly gone before it is disposed of.

Either way, we can do the job.

Network Security

This is kind of an overall offering. It combines our Firewall services as part of an overall evaluation and, if requested, reconfiguration of the entire network security package.

This includes a look at your Wi-Fi (if any), password security, server security, Firewall pen testing, physical security of the servers, and all other parts of the network.

If needed it can include staff training to enhance overall security awareness.